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J.S. Rao
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J. Sunil Rao's interests are in applied statistics, biostatistics, small area estimation and machine learning. His current research focuses on cancer, health disparities and opioid relapse. He has also developed software packages with various students and collaborators.

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Research Interests:

High throughput cancer genomic data modeling;
Health disparity estimation;
Opioid relapse prediction;
Machine learning;
High dimensional modeling; Bayesian model selection; Mixed model selection
and prediction;
Small area estimation; Bump/mode hunting;
Robust estimation;
Precision medicine;
Modeling of
pharmacogenomic data


Software Sites


Implements a unified treatment of the “Bump Hunting” task in high-dimensional space.
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Publications and Articles


"Back-to-the-future" projections for COVID-19 surges

J.S. Rao, T. Liu and D.A Diaz-Pachon

Balancing recursive partitioning

H. Ke, C. Conversano and J.S. Rao

Performance of linear mixed models in estimating structural rates of glaucoma progression using varied random effect distributions

S.S. Swaminathan, S.I. Berchuck, J.S. Rao, F.A. Medeiros
Ophthalmology Science (to appear)
J. Sunil Rao, Ph.D.

Professor, Division of Biostatistics
School of Public Health
Director of Biostatistics, Masonic Cancer Center
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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