A statistical technique for detecting differentially expressing genes from microarray data using Bayesian ANOVA
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Classified mixed model prediction

Coming soon
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Fence Methods

A class of strategies for selection of fixed and random factors in linear and generalized linear mixed models
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Image Analysis using Pettiest Components Analysis

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Linkage disequilibrium LASSO R package associated with Sam Younkin's PhD thesis
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Mean-variance regularization for preprocessing of high throughput genomic and proteomic data
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Implements a unified treatment of the “Bump Hunting” task in high-dimensional space.
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Partially Recursively Induced Structured Moderation for fitting multilevel tree models for disparity estimation: GitHub R package as part of Huilin Yu's PhD thesis
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Prevalence estimation with biased samples and imperfect tests

New !
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Spike and Slab Regression - R package developed by Ishwaran and Kogalur to implement Ishwaran and Rao's spike and slab shrinkage for constrained high dimensional regression
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